• Introductory Yoga Classes, Phoenix Community Centre, Saturdays, 7-8.00 am

  • Yoga of Silence Retreat, May 30-June 1, Hibberdene, KZN

Ananda Marga (The Path of Bliss) is the world’s largest yoga movement with branches in over 120 countries. The teachings are imparted by full time, highly qualified yoga monks and nuns. It’s yoga style is known as Rajadhiraja Yoga (The King of Kings yoga or RDR yoga). RDR yoga combines many of the classical yoga systems within it such as yoga postures (asanas), meditation, devotional practices and selfless service activities (karma yoga). Its yoga activities comprise the core aspect of a multi-dimensional, people-based movement wherein social service is viewed as an integral component of holistic living.

Yoga means “union”. It is the harmonious development of our physical, mental and spiritual selves. It is not a religion. Rather it is practiced by people of all different faiths, beliefs and cultures. For more information about Ananda Marga click here.

Yoga Classes in Durban

Yoga Classes in Joburg

Ananda Marga offers classes of yoga in Phoenix and Clayfield. Our yoga practices consist of 42 postures, 13 mudras (exercise to strengthen muscles and nerves) and 5 pranayamas (breathing exercises that balance our subtle energy centres or cakras). The yoga classes are tailored for the beginner and no previous experience is required to learn. Our style of yoga is gentle, restorative, with frequent pauses in the deep relaxation pose to enable the yoga practitioner to assimilate the effect of the yoga pose on their entire body.

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Meditation instruction in Durban

Meditation instruction in Joburg

An integral part of authentic yoga practice is yogic meditation. In fact yoga postures are intended to relax the body and increase flexibility which enables the yoga student to still the mind and experience the inner peace that ensues from regular meditation practice.

We have meditation lessons as part of our classes of yoga in Phoenix, Reservoir Hills and La Mercy.

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Wellness – Yoga Detox Retreats

Yoga Detox and Wellness in Joburg

The over-all goal of yoga is physical fitness, mental strength and spiritual elevation. A practical way to achieve that goal is through the regular practice of graduated fasting and the consumption of nutritious, easily digestible, wholesome foods.

We have regular intensive weekend retreats away from the bustle of city life in which we practice all of the components of a holistic lifestyle. We believe that transformation is from within to without and the steps to achieve that must be taken by each of us. Most participants leave these weekends completely inspired and deeply motivated to make alterations to their lifestyles in an attempt to increase the quality of their life.

What they say about our Yoga Detox retreats:

“What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays! Relaxing, fun, educative and so healthful!

Tarika Balmahoon

“The meditation workshops were deeply informative and moving.The yoga classes were enjoyable and good exercise.  The food and the cooking demo were both tasty and new experiences. Thank you very much to all involved.”

Adri Holder

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